Except for the femur, the tibia is the largest bone in the body that supports weight. It is located on the anteromedial side of the leg. It has two epiphyses and one diaphysis. It articulates proximally with the femur and fibula and distally with the talus and fibula.

Proximal Epiphysis

 Side Condyle & #8211; eminence that articulates with the lateral condyle of the femur

 Medial Condyle & #8211; eminence that articulates with the medial condyle of the femur

 Intercondylar Eminence & #8211; is located between the two condyles

 Tibial Tuberosity & #8211; large oblong elevation that inserts the patellar ligament

 Fibular Fovea & #8211; tibial site that articulates with the fibula (lateral to the tibial tuberosity)

Distal Epiphysis

 Medial Malleolus & #8211; pyramidal process

 Pit for the Talus & #8211; articulates with the talus

 Fibular Notch & #8211; articulation site with the fibula


 Anterior Edge & #8211; crest (most prominent)

 Medial Edge & #8211; smooth and rounded

 Side Edge & #8211; interosseous crest (thin and prominent)

 Back Face & #8211; presents the soleus muscle line

 Side Face & #8211; narrower than the medial

 Medial Face & #8211; smooth, convex and broad

THE Tibia hinges with three bones: Femur, Fibula and Talus.

Tibia Joints

 Tibia - Anterior, Lateral and Posterior View
Source: SOBOTTA, Johannes. Atlas of Human Anatomy. 21st. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2000.


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