Except for the femur, the tibia is the largest weight-bearing bone in the body. It is located on the anteromedial side of the leg. It has two epiphyses and a diaphysis. It articulates proximally with the femur and fibula and distally with the talus and fibula.

Proximal Epiphysis

  • Lateral Condyle – Eminence that articulates with the lateral condyle of the femur
  • Medial Condyle – Eminence that articulates with the medial condyle of the femur
  • Intercondylar eminence – located between the two condyles
  • Tibial tuberosity – large oblong elevation that attaches to the patellar ligament
  • Fovea fibular – site of the tibia that articulates with the fibula (lateral to the tibial tuberosity)

Distal Epiphysis

  • Medial malleolus – pyramidal process
  • Fossa for Talus – articulates with the talus
  • Fibular Notch – site of articulation with the fibula


  • Anterior Edge – crest (most prominent)
  • Medial Edge – smooth and rounded
  • Lateral Border – interosseous crest (thin and prominent)
  • Posterior surface – presents the line of the soleus muscle
  • Lateral face – narrower than medial face
  • Medial Face – smooth, convex and wide

The Tibia articulates with three bones: Femur, Fibula and Talus.

Articulações da Tibia

 Tíbia - Vista Anterior, Lateral e Posterior
Source: SOBOTTA, Johannes. Atlas of Human Anatomy. 21 ed. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2000.

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