It's a flat, flat, odd bone. It is an important hematopoietic bone.

Features 3 parts:

  • Manubrium
  • Body
  • Xiphoid Process


Front Face

  • External or Chest
  • smooth

Back Face

  • Internal or Pleural
  • concave and smooth

Top Edge

  • jugular notch
  • Right and Left Clavicular Notches

Side Edge

  • Presents a costal notch for the 1st costal cartilage and 1/2 for the 2nd

Bottom Edge

  • Links with the body
  • Sternal Angle – between the Manubrium and the Body


  • Outer Face: Anterior or pectoral (flat)
  • Inner face: Posterior or pleural (concave)
  • Superior Edge: Articulates with the manubrium
  • Lower Edge: Articulates as xiphoid process
  • Lateral Edge: 1/2 costal notch for 2nd costal cartilage and costal notch for 3rd to 7th costal cartilage

Xiphoid Process

It is thin and elongated. It is the smallest of the three portions.

  • xiphoid process foramen

The sternum articulates with the clavicles and cartilages of the seven (7) first ribs.

 Esterno - Vista Anterior e Lateral
Source: SOBOTTA, Johannes. Atlas of Human Anatomy. 21 ed. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2000 .

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