Tribute Gallery


The creators of the website is pleased to present a space for recognition and tribute to professionals who have dedicated a life, or part of it, to the study and teaching of Human Anatomy. They are technicians who dedicated their time to look after the respective laboratories and human parts, professors who, in addition to teaching classes, have or had a great commitment to the growth and teaching of human anatomy, and monitors who had important participation in the learning of students, working in the creation of techniques or projects to facilitate the same.

If you have someone in your laboratory (anatomy teacher, technician or monitor) who has/had this dedication and who you believe should be present in our tribute gallery, please enter contact us and tell us your story, the site will be delighted to pay this tribute to this person.

Nomination Form for the Homage Gallery

Homage to Mr. Lauro Backes, 04/04/2017.

HOMAGE OF HONOR – Lauro Backes