The femur is the longest and heaviest bone in the body. The femur consists of a shaft and two epiphyses. It articulates proximally with the hip bone and distally with the patella and tibia.

Proximal Epiphysis

 Femur Head & #8211; it is smooth and rounded

 Femoral Head Fovea & #8211; it is located at the femoral head

 Anatomical neck & #8211; connect the head with the body

 Greater Exchanger & #8211; large, irregular and quadrilateral eminence located at the upper edge of the

 Minor Exchanger & #8211; it is posteriorly located at the base of the lap. It is a conical eminence that may vary in size.

 Intertrochanteric Line & #8211; moves from major trochanter to minor trochanter anteriorly

 Intertrochanteric Crest & #8211; prominent ridge located on the posterior surface, running an oblique curve from the top of the major trochanter to the smallest.

Distal Epiphysis

 Patellar Face & #8211; articulates with the patella

 Medial Condyle & #8211; articulates with the tibia medially

 Side Condyle & #8211; articulates with the tibia laterally

 Intercondylar Fossa & #8211; is located between the condyles

 Medial Epicondyle & #8211; rough prominence located medially to the medial condyle

 Lateral Epicondyle & #8211; rough prominence located laterally to the lateral condyle


 Rough Line & #8211; It is located on the posterior surface of the femur.

Distally, the rough line forks bounding the popliteal surface and proximally divides into:

 Gluteal Line

 Pectinous Line

 Spiral Line

THE Femur hinges with three bones: the Iliac, the Patella and the Tibia.

Femur Joints


 Femur - Previous View
Source: NETTER, Frank H .. Atlas of Human Anatomy. 2 ed. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2000.
 Femur - Posterior View
Source: NETTER, Frank H .. Atlas of Human Anatomy. 2 ed. Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2000.


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