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Learning the contents of Human Anatomy requires, among other things, the study in a systematic and varied way. This space is another opportunity created by the site. The following is a collection of classes, speeches, courses, crossword and Directed Study, brought together by systems of the human body. 



Prof. Didi, taught in 2017 for the Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Nursing, Biology, Pharmacy, Biomedicine, Nutrition, Aesthetics and Cosmetics Courses are available as follows:

 Human Anatomy General

 System Skeletal

Skeletal System General

Axial Skeleton & #8211; Head

Axial Skeleton & #8211; Chest

Appendicular Skeleton- Upper Limb

Appendicular Skeleton - Lower Limb

  Muscle system

Muscular System General

TMJ Muscles

Neck muscles

Chest and Abdomen Muscles

Back Muscles

Upper Limb Muscles - Shoulder and Arm

Upper Limb Muscles - Forearm and Hand

Lower Limb Muscles - Hip and Thigh

Lower Limb Muscles - Leg and Foot

 System Cariovascular

Cardiovascular system

 Respiratory system

Respiratory system


 Digestive system

Digestive system

 Urinary system

Urinary system

 Genital System

Female Genital System

Male Genital System

 Nervous system

Introduction to the Nervous System

Meninges and Liquor

Nervous System Vascularization




Peripheral Nervous System & #8211; Brachial Plexus

Peripheral Nervous System & #8211; Lombosacro Plexus



The classes below were taught by Prof. Didi in Postgraduate and Extension Courses. As he says, the quality of the class was only possible with Jonas's talent and anatomical knowledge & #8211; in the creation of the material - and Douglas, in the dissection of the anatomical pieces, which greatly illustrated and enriched the classes. Therefore, the success of the classes was the result of the work of #8220; 6 hands & #8221 ;. 

 Human Anatomy Class in Abdominal Course

Anatomy of the Muscular System in Flexibility and Stretching Course

Palpatory Anatomy & #8211; Members

Palpatory Anatomy & #8211; Trunk

Craniocervicomandibular System Anatomy in the TMJ Course

Human Anatomy in the Physical Evaluation Course

Spinal Anatomy Class at the Spine Pain Treatment WorkshopThe

Elbow Anatomy Class for Elbow Injury Rehabilitation

Knee Anatomy Class in the Knee Injury Rehabilitation Course

Human Anatomy Lesson for Sports Injury Course

Foot Anatomy for Nike Company Course

Anatomy Class of the Musculoskeletal System for Kinesiology and Biomechanics of Bodybuilding

Wrist Anatomy Class for Wrist Injury Rehabilitation Course

Hip and Sacrum Anatomy for Pelvic Waist Dysfunction Chiropractic Course

Anatomy of the Liquor System for the SOT Course

Shoulder Anatomy for Chiropractic Course in Shoulder Dysfunctions

Ankle Class for Ankle Dysfunction Rehabilitation Course




The questions aim to guide your study, challenging your knowledge and organizing learning through questions (descriptive and objective) developed from our work as teachers of human anatomy. Good study.

Descriptive Issues

Anatomy Generals

Skeletal System - Axial Skeleton

Skeletal System & #8211; Appendicular Skeleton

Muscular System & #8211; General & #8211; ATM & #8211; Neck & #8211; Chest and abdomen

Muscular System & #8211; Back & #8211; Upper and Lower Limb

Cardiovascular System & #8211; Heart

Cardiovascular System & #8211; Arterial system

Cardiovascular System - Venous System

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Urinary system

Male Genital System

Female Genital System


Objective Issues

Human Anatomy General

  System Esqueletic

Skeletal System General

Skeletal System & #8211; Head

Skeletal System & #8211; Spine

Skeletal System & #8211; Chest

Skeletal System & #8211; Superior Member

Skeletal System & #8211; Lower member


  Respiratory system

Respiratory system

  Digestive system

Digestive system

 System Urinary

Urinary system






We are providing another alternative to reinforce your learning in human anatomy, crossword puzzles concerning the human body.

Human Anatomy General

Skeletal System & #8211; Head

Cardiovascular System & #8211; Heart

Respiratory system

Digestive system

Urinary system

Male Genital System

Female Genital System


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