Laboratory Assembly

The implementation of courses in the area of ​​health in HEIs requires the setting up and installation of laboratories for basic subjects (anatomy, physiology, histology), complying with some technical requirements for their approval . Such laboratories represent one of the biggest investments for the Institution, due to the high cost of the equipment. The laboratories arouse great interest from the Institutional Evaluation Committees of the MEC, both in terms of the evaluation of the course and of the Institution.

The design and assembly of these laboratories, carried out by a professional in the area with knowledge of the equipment used and the consumables, at the time of the initial investment, makes a difference, as it reduces the cost of implementation and the investment in equipment that will be really relevant.

In view of these particularities, the website, through one of its creators – Anatomy Technician Douglas Lenz -, it can contribute and help at that time. Douglas specializes in providing consultancy in design, assembly, maintenance, restructuring of anatomy laboratories and other early subjects in healthcare courses. The technician also advises on the implementation of new processes for the conservation of cadavers and parts in anatomy laboratories. Not forgetting, also, the training and qualification of the faculty, technicians and monitors of anatomy laboratories, through courses in anatomical techniques and dissection of cadavers and parts for the teaching of anatomy.

If you need assistance or information about assembly, maintenance, parts conservation and restructuring of new or existing laboratories,  or training of technical and teaching staff, please contact us.