Abdominal Quadrants

To make it easier to locate the organs in the greater abdominopelvic cavity, anatomists have divided the abdominopelvic cavity into nine regions, defined as follows:

  Upper Abdominopelvic
  Medium Abdominopelvic
  Lower Abdominopelvic
At the level of the ninth rib Between the ninth ribs and the
hip bones
At the top level
hip bones
Right Hypochondriac Region
Epigastric Region
Left Hypochondriac Region
Right Side Region
Umbilical Region
Left Side Region
Right Inguinal Region
Pubic Region (Hypogastric)
Left Inguinal Regiona

Another simpler way to divide the abdominopelvic cavity is into Four Quadrants.

This method is often used to locate pain or describe the location of a tumor. The sagittal, median, and transverse planes pass through the umbilicus and divide the abdominopelvic region into the following four quadrants:

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