Who is Lauro Backes?

Lauro Backes – or “Uncle Lauro” as he is affectionately called by Feevale University students – has a degree in Nursing Technician and has spent 42 of his 78 years of age working at the Institution. Admitted in 1975, he assisted in the medical department of the faculty and, in 1977, he began to assist professors and students during Human Anatomy classes. In these 42 years of dedication, charisma, positive energy and willingness to serve the public and help students during extra-class studies, Tio Lauro has made many friends who, until today, come to visit him at the Laboratory. During this period, he has already been chosen 43 times as honored employee, in the graduations of several classes of Physical Education, Physiotherapy, Nursing and Chiropractic. In addition to competence and knowledge, he exudes sympathy and passion for the work, which he finds very gratifying: “I treat people as I would like to be treated”, says Lauro.