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It is the medial bone of the forearm. It articulates proximally with the humerus and radius and distally only with the radius. It is a long bone that has two epiphyses and a diaphysis.

Proximal Epiphysis

 Olecran & #8211; Big eminence that forms the tip of the elbow

 Troclear Notch & #8211; Great depression formed by the olecranon and the coronoid process and serves to articulate with the humeral trochlea

 Coronoid Process & #8211; It protrudes from the anterior and proximal part of the ulna body

 Radial Notch & #8211; Articulates with the radio head

 Ulnar Tuberosity

Distal Epiphysis

 Ulna Head & #8211; Rounded joint eminence laterally located

 Styloid Process & #8211; Located more medially and more prominent (not articular)


It has three borders and three faces.


 Interosseous Edge

 Previous Edge

 Dorsal Edge


 Previous Face

 Dorsal Face

 Medial Face

THE Ulna hinges with two bones: the humerus and the radius.

Ulna Proximal JointsUlna Distal Joint

 Ulna - Anterior, Posterior and Lateral Views
Source: SOBOTTA, Johannes. Atlas of Human Anatomy. 21st. Rio de Janeiro: Guanabara Koogan, 2000.


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