The head consists of the skull, face, scalp, teeth, brain, cranial nerves, meninges, special sense organs, and other structures such as blood vessels, lymphatics, and fat. It is also the place where food is eaten and air is inhaled and exhaled.

The bones of the head are divided into: two parts: the Neurocranium it's the Face Skeleton (Viscerocranium). The neurocranium provides the envelope for the brain and brain meninges, proximal parts of the cranial nerves and blood vessels.

The skull has a vault-like ceiling - the Calvaria - and a floor or Skull base which is composed of the sphenoid and parts of the occipital and temporal.

The Face Skeleton consists of bones that surround the mouth and nose and contribute to the orbits.

Head bones apart


Eight (08) bones
  Face Skeleton
Fourteen (14) bones
Frontal (01)
Occipital (01)
Sphenoid (01)
Ethmoid (01)
Thunderstorm (02)
Parietal (02)Skull as a whole
Jaw (01)
Voer (01)
Zygomatic (02)
Jaw (02)
Palatine (02)
Nasal (02)
Lacrimal (02)
Lower Nasal Shell (02)