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Jonas Edison Wecker He is a physical therapist and ergonomist, specializing in manual techniques. He currently works as a consultant in companies, conducting ergonomics training for engineers, doctors, physiotherapists, security technicians, human resources manager and workers in general. Thus, it uses its knowledge about the human body to promote health and quality of life in companies, in order to reduce occupational diseases and improve productivity, reflecting on health and profitability for its customers. Jonas points out that in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and focus on the body of the worker is the major differential of his methodology and ensures that this approach has boosted his career in business.

As a physical therapist, he has always been passionate about manual techniques such as Maitland, Mulligan, Kaltenborn, neural mobilization and joint manipulation, in a preventive manner to promote occupational health in companies. Based on the development of palpation techniques and knowledge of human anatomy, Jonas developed & #8211; together with teacher Didi & #8211; a palpatory anatomy course, which has been taught to students and health professionals.

Jonas has Hobbies, playing soccer and playing drums. He has been a drummer for 20 years and, even a little "rusty", still doing 80's and 90's international rock and pop rock shows with the band. Paradox, in pubs in Rio Grande do Sul. And as their partners joke Didi and Douglas, the audience without a table, always applauds him standing up (laughs).

The relationship with the Human Anatomy began during graduation, when she excelled in the discipline and was a monitor for two years. His determination as an anatomy monitor led him to be hired as an Anatomy Technician at the Feevale University Laboratory to dissect anatomical parts and cadavers. At this time, strengthened the partnership with Prof. Didi and the anatomy technician Douglas, which resulted in the structuring and formatting of the site, which in 2016 will be 15 years old.

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