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Douglas Fabiano Lenz Nemos, has a background in Biological Sciences and a postgraduate degree in Teaching in Higher Education. He is from Porto Alegre- RS and is 40 years old (although it sounds a lot more like he says). He has worked as a Technician in Anatomy and Necropsy for 19 years in higher education institutions in RS. He is currently a Technician in Anatomy and Necropsy at the Department of Morphological Sciences of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS, since 2003. He currently works in the Comparative Anatomy laboratory of the Institution.

He consults on the creation, assembly and maintenance of human and comparative anatomy laboratories, as well as other laboratories in the initial health disciplines, as well as training of technical staff and teachers. It is noteworthy that the laboratories designed by him and operating in Brazil were very well regarded by MEC

She has been a Taxidermist for 15 years, teaching courses and workshops in the area of vertebrate taxidermy, skeleton assembly and the creation of zoological museums. Some of these courses and workshops are already permanent activities of the extension courses and academic weeks agenda of universities in the south of the country. He also teaches Human Anatomy courses and lectures in high schools and technical courses.

But as life is not only work, Douglas has as a hobby, fly fishing and also model aircraft, both practiced for over 20 years. Attends the Conesul Modeling Club in the city of Portão, where he is part of the board of the club.

Together with his colleagues and friends, he has actively participated in since its inception.

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