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Marcelo Marques Soares, known as Prof. Didi, She has a degree in Physical Education, a master's degree and a doctorate in Science of Physical Activity and Sport, but her true vocation is to teach and teach Human Anatomy class.

Her passion for the Human Anatomy began when she was a monitor, and today, besides Professor, is Coordinator of the Anatomy Laboratory ofThe Feevale University, in Novo Hamburgo –RS. Prof. Didi has been dedicated to teaching anatomy for over 20 years, but as he jokes, “I know it doesn't look like ” (laughs). In addition to teaching, his hobby is collecting Internacional Shirts, your Heart club. When he has time, he also enjoys riding his motorcycle with his Vulcan 1996, in the company of the University Colleagues Group & #8211; the AMG (Academic Motors Group). It also stands out its “Canine passion”: Prof. Didi has three German Shepherd dogs, faithful companions of his journey through the courtyard of his house.

At the beginning of each semester, with each new class (and there were so many & #8230;), Didi reveals what are the reasons that made him fall in love with the Human Anatomy:

Firstly, Anatomy class is also a humility class, since knowledge reveals to us that the human being is equal in the biological field and differences are imposed by society;

Second, anatomy class is also a self-knowledge class, where what will be studied is nothing other than ourselves, viewed through other planes and angles.

Finally, Prof. Didi always dedicated, motivated and humorous in his routine of teaching Anatomy, eventually developing some marks of his teaching (some are funny, others not so much, but he still enthusiastically speaking) & #8230; One is the DDD ( Dica DThe Didi), assimilation technique to facilitate student learning. And another classic phrase, when students question and complain that Anatomy is difficult, he readily responds humorously: Life is really hard, Anatomy is just studying!

Speaking of studying,, designed in partnership with colleagues and friends Jonas and Douglas, has been redesigned, expanded and revised. Thus, it becomes an important study tool, aiming to socialize the knowledge of the Human Anatomy.

Enjoy and good study!

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