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It was defiantly and boldly that in September 2001, three co-workers from Feevale University's Anatomy Laboratory, and especially friends, decided to create a human anatomy site. Didi as a teacher and Jonas and Douglas  as technicians in anatomy labs with no computer experience or knowledge but motivated by the challenge of socializing knowledge in the area, launched a Human Anatomy website.


The challenges in building and organizing the site were many, from the excess of anatomy-related content to the incipient technology available at the time to create a site & #8211; especially for those who didn't master it. The motivation and engagement of those involved were key to making the site live in 6 months.

Your first domain was:

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The creators recall that they soon realized that the site began to be accessed intensively by students, alumni, teachers and professionals from various areas of health. Why this almost immediate success? It is believed that due to various reasons: the didactic organization of the material, the wide range of content offered, the reliability of the sources used in the construction of the site, the credibility of the images presented followed by their references, among others that could be listed here.

Over time, fate set out to separate the three lab staff and site creators, eventually leading them in other ways. Didi continued to teach anatomy classes at Feevale, Douglas was selected at the UFRGS Anatomy Technician Competition, and Jonas took over the company FisioBem as a physical therapist and ergonomist in companies. Fortunately, the weather did not prevent them from maintaining the friendship, commitment and dedication of the site, which ensured that several changes were made, in the year 2008: creation of a new logo and a new platform, content update, directed studies and tests on line.


In 2015, time and passion for anatomy again brought the trio of friends together for another challenge & #8211; the preparation of Celebrations to celebrate 15 years of website existence. Meetings, breakfasts, barbecues, jokes and jokes, which were not few, were part of these meetings, but also the main objective of disseminating knowledge on human anatomy through the provision of reliable material was pursued very hard.

Thus, the site had its visual design completely redesigned, which resulted in a new visual identity. In addition, we sought to offer new and interesting didactics for the teaching of human anatomy: videos, quizzes, games, simulations, questions and tests, tribute mural, among other materials available on the site.

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