Updated Nomenclature


Old Name Current Name
Membrane Part Membrane Part
Nutritional Orifice Nutritional Forame
Nutritional Channel Nutrition Channel
Hole Foramen
Board Margin
Carotid Channel Carotic channel
Thunderstorm Petrosal Part of the Thunderstorm
Vertex Apex
Shoulder blade Shoulder blade
Ulna Ulna
Metacarpal Metacarpal
Iliac Ilium
Kneecap Patella
Peroneo Fibula
Astragalus Talus


                     Old Name                     Current Name
Bicondylan joint Bicondylar joint
Humerocubital joint Uteroulnar joint
Cubital tunnel Carpal tunnel
Infrarotulian synovial fold Infrapatellar synovial fold
Tibioperoneal joint Tibiofibular joint
Tibiotarsal joint Talocrural Articulation


Old Name Current Name
Tendon Intersection Tendon Intersection
Extrinsic muscles of the eyeball Etrinsic muscles of the eye bulb
Epicranial aponeurosis Epicranic aponeurosis
Mental muscle Mental muscle
Jagged muscle Serratus muscle
Carotid sheath Caritic sheath
Lumbar iliocostalis muscle Iliocostalis back muscle
Lumbar Rotator Muscles Loin Rotator Muscles
Vena cava hole Vena cava foramen
Subcutaneous abdomen fascia Subcutaneous Abdominal Screen
Mesocubital Head Umeroulnar Head
Semimembranous muscle Semimembranaceous muscle
Semitendinous muscle Semitendinous muscle
Third Peroneal Muscle Third fibular muscle
Soleus muscle Soleus muscle
Subtendinous Bags Subtendine Bags


Old Name Current Name
Palatine Palate
Cusp vertex Apex of the Cusp
Tooth Apex Hole Tooth Apex foramen
Tip of the tongue Summit of the tongue
Lingual Amygdala Tongue Tonsil
Lymph Nodes Lymphoid nodules
Tonsillins Tonsil Fossils
Pharyngeal ganglia Pharyngeal Lymph Nodes
Shark Amigdala Tubal Tonsil
Colon Lap
Epiploic Appendages of the Colon Fatty appendages of the lap
Colon Tapeworm Lap tapeworms
Pectinous line Pectinate line
Interlobar Biliary Channels Interlobular biliferous ducts
Common hepatic canal Common hepatic duct
Cystic channel Cystic Duct
Choledochal canal Bile Duct
Mesocolen Mesocollar
Little epiplon Minor odor
Great epiplon Greater Oment
Peritonen Peritoneum


Old Name Current Name
Membranous part Membranous part
Opening of the tear duct Opening of the tear duct
Lung vertex Lung apex
Oblique Shear Oblique Fissure
Costomediastinal recess Costomediastinal recess


Old Name Current Name
Papillary Holes Papillary foramen
Bladder vertex Bladder apex


Old Name Current Name
Yellow body Corpus luteum
Fallopian tube Uterine tube
Vulva Pudding
Vas deferens Deferent Duct
Excretory Channel Excretory Duct
Ejaculation Channel Ejaculatory Duct
Prostatic canaliculi Prostatic Ducles
Ischiorectal fossa Ischioanal Fossa


Old Name Current Name
Nutritive artery Nourishing Artery
Muscle trabeculae Meat trabeculae
Bronchopericardiac membrane Bronchopericardial membrane
Ductus arteriosus Arterial ligament
Basal part Basilar part
Uncus artery Artery of the hollow
Urethral branches Urethral branches
Shutter Branch Obturator branch
Mediastinal veins Mediastinal Veins
Olfactory gyrus vein Olfactory Spinning Vein
Thoracic canal Thoracic duct
Regional Lymph Nodes Regional Lymph Nodes
Bronchomediastinum trunk Bronchial mediastinal trunk


Old Name Current Name
Lymph nodes Lymph Nodes
Tonsillin Crypts Tonsillar Crypts
Palatine Amygdala Palatine Tonsil
Shark Amigdala Tubal Tonsil


Old Name Current Name
Nerve fibers Neurofibers
Cerebellum tent Cerebellum Tentacle
Tent notch Tentacle notch
Cervical dilation Cervical swelling
Lumbar dilation Lumbar swelling
Jagged ligament Denticulate ligament
Vertex Apex
Beam Tract
Spinal Spinal
Cerebellar peduncle Cerebellar peduncle
Lower salivary nucleus Lower salivary nucleus
Tetopontic fibers Tetopontin fibers
Salivary nucleus Salivatory nucleus
Choroid Plexus Choroid Plexus
Fornix column Fornice column
Ulcus Unco
Putamen Putame
Olfactory Nerve Olfactory nerve
Chin nerve Mental nerve
Stapes muscle nerve Stapes muscle nerve
Shark branch Tubal Branch
Carotid sinus branch Branch of the carotic breast
Cubital nerve Ulnar nerve
Shutter Nerve Obturator nerve
Peroneal nerve Fibular nerve
Urethral Plexus Urethral Plexus


Old Name Current Name
Serrated Edge Ora serrata
Lens Substance Lens Substance
Tenon Capsule Bulb sheath
Upper Ligament of the Eyeball Suspension bulb ligament
Stirrup membrane Stapedial membrane
Stirrup muscle Stapes muscle
Shark glands Tubal Glands
Semicircular Channels Semicircular Ducts
Inner ear Inner ear
Taste Canaliculus Taste Canaliculus